StratoTask Vantage,
the future of site pre-planning

In 2013-15, we developed Vantage, a leading-edge, highly
successful pre-planning and survey tool for Pickering Fire Services
near Toronto, Canada. Since the September 2015 deployment,
some 150 sites have been cataloged and over half
surveyed for auto-dispatch, increasing the odds of a
safe outcome for Pickering's bravest.


Find out how Vantage can help you
reduce risk and increase safety

Our mission is: Simple

StratoTask is a mission-driven organization, founded on the principal that technology is an enabler; a way of doing more than ever and doing it with less. Less cost. Less complexity. Less risk. Less danger. We solve hard problems in simple ways, seeking to create solutions that are highly innovative and result in very low deployment, training, and operating costs.

The people we serve bear great responsibilities, and they lean on our products and services in key areas of execution. Our people know that the things we develop here will be used in critical situations where they have to work and work right. That's why our solutions are developed in cooperation with the very people that will use them - it's the only way to be sure.

Designed in the field

It's hard to gain insight while sitting in a cubicle. Our
product designs begin with understanding the actualities
and constraints of your world, first-hand.

Securing an advantage

Designed for responders and security forces, our Vantage online pre-plan system uses common tablets to capture key, customisable decision-support data and can be deployed in days. Geo-indexed maps, features and forms are accessible via a full range of methods from PDF to data services, supporting your existing dispatch, command, and GIS workflows without costly systems integration work.

Vantage runs on your tablets and desktops, is subscription-based,
and augments your existing infrastructure for only pennies
per responder per day. Find out more.

Get the big picture

StratoTask real-time and aerial solutions can make all the difference in unexpected situations like rail disasters and large scale events where landscapes and structures may be altered drammatically. Effective crisis management will require current visuals and elevations, and may depend on alternate spectrums like thermal and gamma imaging, augmented with tactical waypoints and user-entered information that can be shared quickly.

Commercial/Industrial Surveying & Volumetrics

Industry and infrastructure sites use StratoTask services for creating detailed 3D site models, providing volumes of surface features and other information directly or for export to existing GIS and CAD systems.

Diverse Applications

Pre-planning, surveying, and arial monitoring
yield tremendous value in a number of industries and
environments. Our solutions; your success.

Agro + Forestry

Safety + Security

Mining + Transport

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StratoTask's highly innovative applications and services can help you reduce risks and increasing visibility and preparedness for your most critical mandates.